The Cherry Hill Development Corporation (CHDC), located at 806 Cherry Hill Road in Baltimore City Maryland 21225, is a community based 501 (c) 3  organization which was formed originally as a Maryland non-profit public benefit corporation in 1982. The primary purpose of the CHDC is “the promotion of the general welfare and economic development of low income persons and groups residing in the Cherry Hill area of Baltimore City.” During the 36 years of its existence, the CHDC has been involved in numerous initiatives in the Cherry Hill community. A few of our past community initiatives include:

  • Convening a community assessment and priority meeting to establish goals and objectives of the corporation
  • Participation in the strategic planning process initiative (Cherry Hill 2000) that identified key community  ​                  issues in housing, social problems and other major areas that had an impact on the community’s health and wellness 
  • Established a partnership with Landex Development to rehabilitate the site known as the “Hanover Apartments” into 36 private homes and 120 low income rental units.

Organization Beginnings